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About Wordscapes APK:

Wordscapes APK

Wordscapes is a popular word puzzle game that is available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. The game is developed by PeopleFun and is designed to test and improve your vocabulary and word-solving skills through a series of word puzzles.

System Requirements

System Requirement Specification
Operating System Android 4.1 and up
Processor Varies with device
RAM (Memory) Varies with device
Storage Space Varies with device
Internet Connection Required for updates
In-App Purchases Yes
Permissions Varies with device

Key Features of Words capes:

  1. Word Puzzle Gameplay: Words capes offers engaging word puzzle gameplay. Players are presented with a crossword-style grid of letter tiles, and they must form words by connecting these tiles to fill in the crossword and complete the puzzle.
  2. Variety of Themes: The game features a wide range of themed levels, each with its own background and set of words to discover. These themes can be related to nature, landscapes, or various other topics, providing visual variety and thematic challenges.
  3. Increasing Difficulty: Wordscapes provides puzzles of varying difficulty levels, from easy to more challenging. As players progress through the game, the puzzles become increasingly complex and require a more extensive vocabulary and better word-solving skills.
  4. In-Game Currency: Players can earn in-game currency (coins) by solving puzzles. These coins can be used to get hints or reveal letters if you’re stuck on a puzzle. This adds an element of strategy and resource management to the game.
  5. Offline Play: Wordscapes can be played offline, which is convenient for players who want to enjoy the game without an internet connection. You can complete puzzles at your own pace, even when you’re not connected to the internet.

How to Download & Install It?

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Search for Words capes
  • Select Words capes
  • Download
  • Installation
  • Open the Game
  • Play Words capes:


In conclusion, Words capes is a popular word puzzle game that offers engaging gameplay, a variety of themes, and increasing levels of difficulty to challenge your vocabulary and word-solving skills. It is available as an app for both Android and iOS devices and has become a favorite among players for its entertaining and educational qualities.

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