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CCTV NEWS was a Chinese state-owned television network that provided news and information to a global audience. They had a mobile app available for Android and iOS platforms, where you could access their news content and live broadcasts. This app was often referred to as the “CCTV NEWS” app.

System Requirements of


Platform Operating System RAM (Minimum) Processor Storage Space (Minimum)
Android (Smartphones) Android 6.0 or later 2 GB or more ARM or x86 compatible, dual-core or higher Varies by app, but usually 50MB or more
iOS (iPhone/iPad) iOS 11.0 or later 2 GB or more Apple A9 or later Varies by app, but usually 50MB or more

Key Features of CCTV NEWS :

  • News Articles: Access to a wide range of news articles on various topics, both domestic and international.
  • Live Streaming: Watch live broadcasts of news events, press conferences, and other programs.
  • Video On-Demand: Access a library of pre-recorded video content, including news reports and documentaries.
  • Customization: Personalize your news feed based on your interests and preferences.
  • Push Notifications: Receive breaking news alerts and updates in real-time.
  • Multilingual Support: Access content in multiple languages to cater to a global audience.
  • Search Functionality: Easily find specific news articles or topics using search features.
  • Social Sharing: Share news articles and videos on social media platforms.
  • Offline Reading: Save articles for offline reading when an internet connection is not available.

How to Download & Install It?

  1. Unlock your Android device and make sure it is connected to the internet.
  2. Open the “Google Play Store” app on your device. It typically has a colorful triangular icon.
  3. In the Play Store’s search bar, type “CCTV News” and press “Search.”
  4. Find the official “CCTV News” app from China Central Television and select it.
  5. Click the “Install” button. You may need to grant necessary permissions for the app.
  6. The app will be downloaded and installed on your device.
  7. Once the installation is complete, you can open the app from your device’s app drawer.



CCTV News can change over time due to updates and modifications made by the developers. For the latest and most accurate information, it’s recommended to check the official app store or website associated with CCTV News or any related news app you are referring to.

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